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First for the interest which is attached to the his

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ciation for Centre Simcoe and held that office at the time of his

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was performed. In 2 cases dilatation and curettement. In

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ple are feaffully warped out of the straight in this

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recipients from the Copeland Fund. The expenses of the year were

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temperature of the body constant. For a more detailed

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ny great vertues both of it felfc and alfo for making other medicines.

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He moved all his limbs freely. For three days there was

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and of a tawny brown color. It is composed of short tubular fibers

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physiological action in health. It is impossible to

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to arrive at the central nuclei. Of tliose which conio from tlie

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TECHNOLOGrY or Chemistry applied to the Arts and to Manufactures. Edited

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their fields were appointed for the i niffial Production Section and fc r

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moral sentimental and emotional considerations and these must

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Eczema which was first separated from the various forms of mange

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principle for their object is still the mitigation of local inflamma

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The main part of the posterior division of the ramus mandibu

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lioid cells separated by nrascle fibers as well as an increase in

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the Doctor it is not possible to conduct examinations

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were especiaUy strong in skin grafting and other phases of plastic

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the most honourable. Some of the existing corporations would venture

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thai of restoring circulation to a part that might become gangren

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Medical students are expose lt l to tlie risk of introducing into the

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of the provisions of General Orders No. 17 War Department 1012

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Reports were submitted by the secretary and treasurer detailing the

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perineal distribution similar to that in the first case. The

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has lasted through an entire day perhaps under some inoon

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subject have restricted their offensive trades such as slaughter

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in glia cells. The appearances of the glia of the poste

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the same time compressing the wound. When this is not suffi

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ERSON MARCUS S. Graduated I.aboV in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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The general health returns which were very favourable for the

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vaccine been given to both cases their recovery would

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of the serous membrane of the colon and that of the

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formities of tight lacing rhachitis etc. in protuberance of the

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and the skin of the palms of the hands very white. A week

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nephritis a localization in the lungs may simulate arnie lobar jmeunwnia.

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defect in the skull caused by tuberculosis of the left parietal bone.

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solvent action can be materially increased however by

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system of education. What I wish to say is this that for the

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taining more oxygen or more carbonic acid. We have already

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contracted diplitheria from adults suffering large quantity of black or bloody urine

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margin of pastern and upper part of the coronet bone the disease

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against the vagaries of a partiall trained assistant.

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are not comparable to those obtained by Folin s methods for reasons

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DOSE AND MODE OF ADMINISTRATION. Employed internally only

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and not to do this till the groom is perfectly satisfied that his

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attacked at the same time the one may be comparatively well at the

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path made l y the withdrawal of the canula. Such abscesses are of

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former developed in a satisfactory manner but the latter died



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