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scesses castrating and various other.surgical operations. Any straight

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as well as by the relatively larger proportion of cancel

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dition of the tissues themselves. All these causes unite in individuals

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matter in our limited time. The subject in itself would make

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the overwhelming proportion of all cases of malignant disease of the

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papyraceis brevi pedicellatis dimidiatis 15 18 mm. longis T mm. altis

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Sir Vill you allow me to call the attention of the Secretaries of

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to keep on hand nonperishahle comestibles to the limit of their facihties

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no interest in anything and rarely make any response if they

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the bronchi through a visceral perforation an external opening is so

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by deeply penetrating destruction of tissue. Stomatitis in the

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its preparation for surgical use. He has tried to learn the

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many channels of infection overlooked as from the air breath of

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nephritis are synchronous in other words that the pathologic

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submitted details of working expenses which alleged that

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dulness does not extend to the back are presumptive signs of pericar

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persons term sprain across the kidneys lumbar sprain.

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title as that which is given to the senior army surgeons.

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Institute of Chemistry was president of the Institution of

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of the provisions of the Old Age Pensions Acts legislation such

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lieyed for a long time that the so called clergyman s sore

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the division of the disease into primary secondary and ter

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Professor Gross Philadelphia. History of American Medical Literature.

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socket for the head of the thigh bone. Dislocation is rare

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they were situated at a distance from our working base. For this

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I ases in which stupor is a featux e vigorous shaking and

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vision of the sick and wounded during convalescence will

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It is well represented also in the four upper lumbar

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able immunity is registered. Such a contest is probably one of ferment action.

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Ligature of thyroid arteries. Electro puncture. Injection with solution of

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wound in the skull was quite two inches in diameter

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ment or couching a clumsy and generally inefficient proceeding by

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culture of reagents throughout the operations. 2 Set ujj a first series

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of most excellent illustrations the one facing the title page of

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to unite. Others have been due to excessive loss of bone substance

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conditions run at best a chronic course which can be greatly shortened

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Thus to briefly summarize the mechanisms employed by the federal government to protect

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grain of acetate of morphia mixed in a little starch powder. Or apply

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times it has seemed that a lack of lime salts in the food

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Tinct. Cannabis Indica 20 solution in Alcohol and give five drops

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call your attention to this experiment of Dr. Park.

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kins Hospital who has been traveling in Europe since

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the war. We needed to recognize that fact and not to

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up slums by driving new and broad streets through and

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undcrinine the constitution by disturbing the patient s rest. The Avarmth of

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Wales from 1838 to 1887 inclusive accurately kept in the office

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an average diameter of ty.tTo o inch Gulliver. But as a

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