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If any reliance is to be placed on the statements of

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and baths. Most of the movements should be begun in the recumbent

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Finally with regard to the differential diagnosis from lupus it may

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The cervical and inguinal lymphatic glands often enlarge become

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doubt which obtrudes as to the need of a new volume in this

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much is due to alteration in the circulation through the joint and how

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Pathologj and Etiology such subjects arc dealt with as

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is I believe that convulsive phenomena are most apt to make their

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Of rusts growing on grain crops there are two chief varieties

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There are sometimes one or more patches of morphcea present in ad

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feet long and armored all over. The service of these gunboats was

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local sanitary officials. When these officials are willing to

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inserting a jjroctoscope and thus the pelvis and field of opera

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fellowships. Scholarships and fellowships are offered by the

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lactation and of the necessity especially after the

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cases advanced pulmonary lesions due to other organisms so filled the tissue

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Treatment. Being convinced that acidity alone caused this disease

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forth by sensory stimuli. If this condition exists in greater

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the law of orthographical changes in other families of languages.

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rific influences of the former drug and of producing

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agents. Certain persons show a special susceptibility to erysipelas and

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especially of its relation to pneumococcus immunity.

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wiue experience with smallpox adds value to his dis

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Accurately kept charts with exact and careful notes

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medical organization voluntary aid societies fulfila number

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instruments of further research. I myself completed just before

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observe any developmental changes of the parasite in its alimentary

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characteristically so. He was advised to allow scrapings

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Brief mention of two stubborn cases of sycosis treated during the

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great builder. Oxygen tears down every living structure and unmo

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aroused howeyer he was surprised at the statement that there

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report on the health of towns in 1854 for the first time clearly

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Among the subjects to be discussed are industrial acci

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chiefly which has displaced the word tubercle and the impossibility

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dition of the joint. Oase 12. The picture in this case was

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I would like to thank all of my friends and family for their

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tories and more attention given to the study of anatomy.

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The important and sj ecial function of the ovaries that of secreting

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patches extending half way round the chest. These run

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rhage toxic degeneration in diabetes and other causes of

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menstruation took place. The patient habitually menstruates rather

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geons. The highest mark received by successful candidates

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infants. It is universal experience that upon the same

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syphilis and several forms of cutaneous disease. The inner bark of the

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defect in the skull caused by tuberculosis of the left parietal bone.

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married life and one which occurs perhaps only during the

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acids of the food and of fermentation. At this age the

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An air cooled quartz mercury vapor lamp has been used in

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the capillaries vl the brain that inordinate degree

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to England to cure the Viscountess Conway of a vio

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circumstance I was entirely ignorant when I sent you my paper

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less conclusive against its depending upon mere reflex irri

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due to bacterial invasion of the half dead tissue inevitably suggests

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was markedly dilated while distal to it it seemed to be contracted.

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right side of her neck. Examination showed it to be a

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with excellent results that promise well for the future of the

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spleens and the number of positive blood examinations undergo

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important part and a very peculiar performance. The first is that of a

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stored up within the same in the form of fat and every body

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cess is rapidly gangrenous and conservative measures are contra

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the most prominent manifestations are symptoms of a degen

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promptings as the generative instinct may not be controlled or



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