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of the survivors 816 682 there were registered 76.5 per cent as successfully

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forehead for 40 mm. laterally as far as the external an

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Symptoms. There is indisposition to suck or eat the patient

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Ledderhose Strasburg reported a case of interperito

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not found in cases of separation of the retina from the surface of

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dint of a more cogent logic prove that it is a mere brainworm

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movements become slow heavy and attended with noise or

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directly from their relatives. Sentimeut and the custom

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coils. Rutkowski associates a temporary gastrostomy

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presenting a button like granulation is patent and irregular.

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patients from the districts around Milan who come for treatment. A

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It will be obvious therefore that much of our knowledge

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connected with large venous channels which ascend from the

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or another by one author or another been regarded as an

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of practical medicine. If other proofs of the truth of this assertion were

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The machinery of a hospital ship should be placed aft as is

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pas encore si c est contre Geneve ou Genes. Je me lions au

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third and fourth sacral nerves and its inhibitory fibres from the

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the granulations scraped the whole surface was again covered with trans

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prophylactic antigen and not specially as animals immunised with

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special objection to it at all but I don t think it

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ternal Medicine of the University of Vienna. Author

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them to the dipping tank. In areas where cattle are systematic

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Washington may be seen the historic table upon which Magendie and Ber

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be given as the causes of the slight morphological differences

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resistance of the healthy adult European living in the tropics

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With Explanation will be read to each company by a designated

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occasionally in dumbbell shaped crystals and rarely in round

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some two years ago by tho issue of regulations which

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in such a way that the crystal mass consists of equally

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The guinea pigs and rabbits died in the same way as when inoculated

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It would be impossible to review the work in further detail. It is

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tion may persist at temperatures below those at which the eye

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toms disappear. The troublesome cough which is a frequent accompa

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minutes the secundines followed. The patient who was only twenty years

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formed extending from one mamma to the other and also dissected the

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and weight of the tumor of the thigh Mrs. P. lived for five

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physician is prepared on the first sign of mercuric intoxication to

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they must be regulateil by the needs of the individual case.

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A 61 amp 6. Casts of teeth of Hyrrnarrtos from the Suffolk Crag.

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of poisoning with the bean which may present themselves. The

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faces or from their effect on the digestive organs.

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running a needless risk. Such violations of the plainest rules of

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Table geuerale des Matieres et des Auteurs dans les 30 premiers

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sudden return of complete sensation is the result of

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fact was to be explained by the close proximity of Cowes and

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sult of any undervaluation of the investigations in question but only

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per rectum. We underrate the rectum as a digestive organ and

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has since been printed and circulated and which is obviously the

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dus. Cette nouvelle a aujourd hui couru dans le Chatelet et

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intact. In a few small areas there was desquamation

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and the inflammatory process is propagated toward the periphery. The

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suffering from excessive dyspnoea who died in a sitting posture

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fruits and vegetables are clean and sterile. As winter foods preserves jellies

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changes which occur in our planet we are encouraged to repeat and multiply

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remedy being at hand namely the removal of the clotted wool or



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