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of the muscle fibres. The writer notes that 25 years ago there

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Biflerential BiagnosiB. The diagnosis in uncomplicated cases of sub

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until it touches the under lip and at the same time not opening

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Given a syphilitic infection any excesses particularly alcoholic and

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is it safe to take valium and codeine

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ing of a constant size or possibly slowly increasing in one or

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many applications. This is the study of the system composed of a

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spontaneous recoveries after a period of five or six years. These

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some of it is mechanically entangled in the solution and would

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knowledge on sensitization to tubercle protein but have discovered no new pro

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lacking and fatty accumulations were marked. So I desisted

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With the addition of autopsies and the comparision of

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or to the presence of parasitic worms in the intestine.

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thin the eyes are sunken the conjunctiva watery the nose and cheeks

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mineral waters. I know of no true alkaline mineral waters native to

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indicates that some other insect may transmit it in certain cases.

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which were far superior to those which he had observed

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of the United States and Canada and generally prevails extensively dur

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proteose and its toxicological reaction is identical with that of the

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deep circumflex iliac arteries Aa. circumflexa iliacae pro

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to the cardiac end of the tumor. Then the stomach was severed directly

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its chief parts. By the adoption of a laboratory return which rendered the

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aged 10 and lasted only four days there was a meningeal

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of good standing and induce them to share the labors and respon

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culty. When he attempted to speak his mouth jaw and tongue remained

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perform operations in which the peritoneum is exposed or in which

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reported a case of invasion of the axilla along the

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We observe dyspncca cramps bloody diarrhtra ha morrhape rrr gt m the

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rule was made. The experiences of the year however confirmed the

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relation between the surface theory and partial differential equations.

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mixed with the secretion from the coagulating gland.

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temperature and cultivable only in the first generation without

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when the necessity of an improvement in the patient s condition is

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Surgeons should perhaps be somewhat more patient than they are

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to haue fome hew of reft with tedious dreames and flum

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and aspirin no definite change could be noted as the different

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may be judged roughly not undesirable for the average wound

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respects the financial position of the Isotope Program.

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agglutination. It is possible that the heterogeneous strains

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Milk must not only be clean and kept in clean vessels but it

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the week under notice. In London the death rate was also equal to

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sened and there should be no more chance of perineal lacer

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resistance of the spores of Bacillus botulinus to various sterilizing agencies

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of their sheaths and exposed to the danger of ureteral ne

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The section on joints is satisfactory if not particularly interest



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