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mere relief of the patient. It was only by aiming always

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influence wielded by the Council of the British Medical

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ket share declined due to their unfavorable pricing until such time

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the Eegistrar General invariably set down as due to cerebral

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splenic pulp and an hypertrophy of the trabeculie and capsnle. The

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ritis and according to our series 21 of these showed more or less

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reason therefore to believe that the process began dif

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douloureux. It is more difficult to relieve by alcohol in.

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most beneficial results in many cases but in some it fails to affoid

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sion was performed eight days later for which three drops were instilled

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Institute who contributed 55 000 ing is from this porch through wide

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tion we may form of the views and hypotheses put forward by these

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interesting feature of this relative insensibility of the vagina

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above the external malleolus. The instep shows desquamation of the skin characteristic

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doctor of infancy and childhood. We do not want to know alone that

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spects and then in the midst of this accuracy would come

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and sulphur converting the former into an oxide the latter into

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States gallon of solid ingredients. This is largely com

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which the patient suffered may have helped to produce the hepatic pro

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in a hematuria the malarial nature of which is not known

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respect the impressions are strikingly natural since the muscles of the

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unfathomable mysterious skin disease was kept pretty well

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the most eminent anatomists who describe these nor

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much personal inconvenience I responded to the sum

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needle introduced into the lumen of the vessel seem plausible

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This is a very satisfactory showing and we are especially pleased

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should be altogether discountenanced. Smoking in any form is contra

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heated the lower layers of the atmosphere for the advantages of

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tive inquiry will usually elicit anamnestic data in respect to

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chills rapid irregular and weak pulse and exhaustive diar

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general practitioner of medicine we give the following

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strainer is made removable to facilitate cleaning. A 1 inch pipe is

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ant I Annee 1818 3 torn. 4to Paris 1822 avec Atlas in 4to.

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culosis Day and as such will be observed by churches

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Nyasaland and from the nasal cavities of D. lunatus in Uganda

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on Thursday evening eceinl er 51I1. A paper entitled

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she had an attack of indigestion although I could not account for

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that the latter are not due to intrauterine causes as

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mental discipline undergone in the study is still of inestimable value.

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Je porlerai votre lettre a M. le lilanc qui est un grand

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Dorso caudally the trigonum is limited by two opercular masses

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found containing about two liters of a grayish col

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by Ayer. It must be remembered that antimeningococcus serum

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cases of viterine fibroid in all stages and conditions and

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apparatus proved satisfactory in testing for fluorescence. In

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details are given of the tank complementary to which are a rubbing

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ability. Moreover that the ordeal of passing the portal may be con

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France are well stocked and can supply hospitals abroad

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may collect data which shall contribute to the advancement of

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Ibe bleak winter winds whistling across the wide prairies iu

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ened contracted or dilated. The flat cells which line the ca sules are

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bxiDorrfa es bnt persisting after tlicy have ceased is aufemia. It ia

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when no objects can be distinguished at an inconsiderable distance this

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from a flask and Sir Jas. Murray and Sir Ohas. Scudamore

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hospitals and elsewhere we have found it not uncommon

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