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to divide the whole tendon. When divided withdraw tenotome

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active syphilitic lesions. The smaller branches of the pulmonary vessels

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that advocated by the American Association for the advancement

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Ur. liccLEK said that during the war Lord Sandhurst

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to be named by the Chairman Sundays Christmas days and Good Fri

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reporter. As you will see many of the cases collected were reported

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province exists yet so stunted in size by the cold climate and the

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infer if we admit the validity of such researches and the reality

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bullets the required velocity. According to Kocher

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f emoris. The patient was kept in bed and it was observed that

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The St. Thomas s Hospital old students dinner vpill

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feature but this is denied any increase of vascularity is super

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of gland Ts Bbrous tissue contracts and lobules atrophy the gland dimin

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brought by lay individuals or bodies. On several occasions

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can be readily controlled and the patient suffers little.

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efficaciously prescribed in a great variety of cases for

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Frenchman said of the pork which goes into one end of

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On account of the inherent difficulties in differentiating some

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every direction through relaxation of the pubic and sacro iliac articu

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Epilepsy is so dramatic in its manifestations that it has always been

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Commissioners is very amusing to one who carefully read

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Elsie Glascock probably in England who lived but a short

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parentage displays a strong tendency to revert to the

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several years past the has been occupied in investi

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parathyroids and be prepared to distinguish them from thyroid lobules

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to be the best form of treatment now at our disposal.

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retrograde metamorphosis pigmented and bereft of their polar pro

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after the injection had a good color were brighter took

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tect this country now seriously threatened from Mexicf.

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ago and a large shoe store was built on their site. The lot

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fov as many volumes. His merit in observing brevity is the

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but also at the tricuspid and pulmonary orifices. Hale White has called

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service had the highest noneffective admission and discharge rates.

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received important support from Sir Charles Ballance s

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in American Medicine a reference to a paper published in The Scottish

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air and yielding dense white vapours with ammonia. It produces

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of a chick under observation during the second day of incuba

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skin and into other parts of the body and it is per

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In the beginning of the attack if we inspect the ear with the

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tlie distinguishing gross features. Phosgene lungs were almost regularly dark

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Waterhouse in solving the dIfBcult problems of vaccination

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Mr. Heath believed that younger surgeons were more inclined than

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by dissolving clean metallic sodium in distilled water from which the

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three sessions of six months each said three sessions

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deplete the lungs and heart. The sittings last from ten to twenty

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sistent guide for therapeutic efforts which has already

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single vessel in any one of his operations and there was

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the physicians except they be legalized druggists. In

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told him frankly that he could do nothing for him in

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comes with the statement that blind boils are breaking out all over him.

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vacuo over sulphuric acid. Tbe residue was accurately weigfhed

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rarely produce any sjinptoms during hfe. A tumor the size

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clinical changes within the chests of those who inhaled the smoke

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patient at the very outset before the subjective or objective symptoms

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circumference of the os. Guided by the former pathologic

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Mechanics and Physics at the First Examination for the Degree of

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reproduction of a portion of the uterine mucous membrane



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