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croup epilepsy chorea etc. In asthma and croup the throat chest

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ginning with the face and neck. On account of the sensitiveness of

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medical staff are required to devote their whole time to

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fibroids. These difficulties are best overcome by high

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cological Association Medical Director Wyoming Gen

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and constitution of the cow require a little respite a more important

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central service operations has also required close cooper

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words in italics interpolated in the text are mine. Op

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Ketcham as a real revival preacher who meant good and was good. He

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not later than October 31st 1921. Concurrent treatment and

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tension of abdomen which was quite tender to pressure

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in the head Hydrocephalus or water in the belly Dropsy or both of

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Description. Napiform pyriform or oblong varyiDg in

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are albuminuria chronic lead poisoning and old age. There seems to be no

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imperative in itself was compelled to yield to the still more im

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Complications. The complicatiuus of diabetes arc exceedingly nu

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Stoic rather than Platonic the famous passage in the sixth Eneid

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listed and inexperienced men their low mentality and the small

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introduce theories but evidence obtained from liospital records.

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the Insurance Act and surely they would be alive to their

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states that remarkable effects are obtained by mixing the extract and

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Naevi of the nose and tongue and nasopharyngeal fibroma

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ing places elevated districts in the neighbourhood ot the coast

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The only objections then to the hydrostatic test coupled with

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sending back to my office for a stomach pump and not

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but as time passes the anatomical diagnosis becomes increasingly difficult.

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guidance though I have not hesitated to deviate from

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On page 1 042 there is a faulty diagram of the intercolurnnar fibres.

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shoulders so it will raise the jugular vein then take the largest

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furnish carefully revised lists set by the Mergentbater Linotype Machine as follows

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uisitions are prepared by the medical supply officer at the station after

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the captains in the game against the South Africans held

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does not then ask for it. The medical treatment of enteric fever is

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the other near the fundus. These balls were found to be made

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avoit rien de certain omnis homo tncndux le inonde IK sau

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the form of rosettes or sheaves. Leucin and tyrosin are al

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scurf that defends them from the changes of the weather. Before work

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cles it may be diagnosed after all the aforementioned conditions

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techniques will be presented and practiced with special opportunities for those who

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priate the sum of 1000 rupees supplemented afterwards by collection

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not know the speaker sufficiently and are consequently unable

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Preparation. Take of the recently dried and coarsely powdered

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The most familiar features of land areas as is well known are

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con siderable. The modes of treatment have varied considerably. Frf gt m

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blacks are equally indicative of exuberant health and splendid

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section after death with the following results 308 were extracted dead 37

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dissolve a small amount in carbolated saline equivalent to the original

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he conducted for the purpose of demonstrating something of

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heart muscle and we have seen that following external con

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of interest a Kttle disturbance of sleep a rather poor appetite mere

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the surgical suites will be recruited. This will result in abol

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conclusion that at a very moderate depth below the surface of the

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is frequently hereditary. It may be bequeathed from parent to

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six years ago I went to reside on the North Pacific

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from druggists and gunsmiths throughout the country. If there are any

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In the whole of the human make up the region of the external

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connotes continuous industry facility in correlating facts and

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Treatment. A good generous wholesome diet properly regulated out

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It can hardly be doubted after the cases which have been

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of most men to admit or publish their failures justifies

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of the artery. The left ventricle is hypertrophied. The peripheral arteries



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