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from any attempt to tell us how and under what circumstances

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spects the mutilated individuals seemed normal and lived as

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in Viral and Mycoplosmal Infections of Laboratory Rodents Effects on Biomedical

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ratus which he spread before the student as aids to his lectures.

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itself which prolongs the aft taking care never to interrupt completely the

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TYSis. Hausmann advises this method of treatment in

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tain counties in Kentucky to be decided on after confer

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about the appendix making the latter organ harmless

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from 1 per cent to 2J per cent. Guaiacol may be substituted for

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Students who have completed at least four of the five years

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Diseases that often defy scientific treatment read

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observe that strange effects are naturally taken for miracles

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tion was begun but was voluntary in 1909 and was made conL

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presenting a button like granulation is patent and irregular.

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usually a tendency to lick earth lime from the walls and the

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but it should not be given in quantities sufficient to provoke

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For the week ending December IStb in Boston aooordine ti.

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a department of biology and is one of its most distinctive and

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Necrosis resulting from burning is of common occurrence. Low

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superficial treatments would penetrate to a depth of 2 inches although

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manifestations as foci in the tonsils teeth sinuses intes

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not trace black families unmixed with white above four or five

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examination. The foot was rested on the toe. About twelve inches

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ing and Boule s modification of the Ramon y Cajal technique for

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exception has a maniacal character and is evidenced by the

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not seen it mentioned elsewhere. No biliary obstruction could be made

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very well. Though she was out of the bismuth powders

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The destroying power of flowing water works most vigorously

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ing sensible eating vigorous daily exercise regular bathing and

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what happened as the war progressed in order to appreciate

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cess is more active on one side lateral deformity results. The

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efEusiop in the right iliac region. Now whenever we

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Caufticke ftone 5 but then againe except the Surgions

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acid is injected into the bile ducts of dogs thus producing

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Motion. Care should be taken that the Patient does not become

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they are laying their eggs on the horse seem to annoy him very

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these investigations will be published at some future date.

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order in which accepted papers shall be read. Communi

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state of greatest activity would be much better employed than in attaining

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declaration after him I make this solemn declaration

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suspicious of syphilis while a double stenosis he thought

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have the child laid on its side on a pillow and in fifteen

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Association and lirigade owe their allegiance is the modern scion

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no fault or misconduct of the patients but entirely through accident.

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It is indeed strongly emphasized that every established and

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receives medical knowledge by revelation of the spirits.

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creased the temperature slightly elevated there may

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sipelas. according to our statistics gives a death rate

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These indices point unmistakeably to the influence of occupa

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given their services to their country gives the school

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Among the duties specified by the Governor in the regula

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ism for legerdemain clairvoyancy telepathy expectant attention etc.

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these blots upon American government. The profession



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