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examination and Tryall of Samuel Holditch a Freeman of the

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Formed by the union of nerve roots arising in the manner just

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C. Stricture of the Urethra with Ascending Infection. Two cases

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reaction was positive. He describes such conditions in children

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slight thickening of Payer s patches in lower portion of ileum.

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housing. Attention is drawn to the following sections. Section

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process I would think of. Tuberculosis is possible especially as he

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De Velno s vegetable syrup. So much for constitutional treatment.

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tion in the respiratory rhythm nor in any alteration in the

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Quand vous verrez le reverend pere Theophile Kaynaud la

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their health and strength and to maintain their vital

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degree of bacterial purification of the water by natural

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that one can transport. It is quite possible to make very good

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cortex and the areas concerned with visual memory are interfered with.

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neutralize or inactivate the virus of poliomyeHtis may account for the

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made out in inflammation when a red collarette is seen

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badly wanted elsewhere to the effect that a copy of the

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Next a resistance box W is shunted around the terminals of

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eligible or not we are not prepared to say. Certainly any legislation

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which is capable of producing life from impressions

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Electricity has been used in various forms in the treatment of ear

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Dr. Ashe I stated that Dr. Davis suggested that the members of the

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Physician Accoucheur and Lecturer on Midwifery amp c.

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SymjAonis Clinical Course and Diagnosis. That a clinical diag

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insane that is frequently overlooked is the condition of compara

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tional psychoses Farrar 1 are as would be expected often associated with

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in Plato or Aristotle though Greek literature of the classical age has

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customer at any one point to be within at most a 30 miles

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the morning sessions being devoted to discussions and

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then gained the most valuable experience in his whole pro

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viates the necessity of learning the same thing over and over again.



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