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decomposition of the iron carbides of the terrestrial nucleus. Such

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the cause of cancer is a parasite there are many good

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that extended down to the second and third bifurca

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there is an increase iu the quantity of urino excreted

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ptoms indicative of cerebral disease although in the second

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the Marple district of Stockport the mortality was nearly twice the average

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when touched with nitric or muriatic acids. It is tasteless inodorous

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sufficient does exist. We will here classify the exciting causes of abor

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or tliat syphilis was imported in the following year into

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and 150 per annum rising to 180 and 170 respectively.

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and it is hoped that every member of the profession

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ance to the term and the periodical increase was designated as paroxys

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wound and left until the second dressing to prevent any pos

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ence specific in nature not only in mitigating the se

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modify seriously by their excessive smoke the atmo

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youths who were its first members an increasing number

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This slate of tbo lungs and cbcst ciphuos why old men bccoiua

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eruptions resulting from sensitization to certain foods

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accomplices who did not exist but he stuck to his resolution of absolute

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unilateral empyema Garel observed that this luminous perception

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more or less of a deep red colour streaked with darker patches and

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the lungs the aorta the brain the retina the spleen the

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head excessive discharge pus radical operations the care

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unless eontraindieated. 8. The bladder should be flushed daily

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gaged in the same work in the more restricted fields furnished

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Marcy s claim that the absorbable is necessary in bad cases

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however being smooth and beautifully green. The leaves are alternate

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evacuation of the bowels 2j to remove infective material

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the tibia. Four months later an X ray examination showed that both

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selective factors would tend to modify somewhat the representa

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swallowing expectorated material. In little children sputum

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complete in itself. The telescope to which it is attached serves only to

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was gone and a large raw oozing surface existed uterus im

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tions. Born without habits but with certain instincts he gradually develops

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Nervous Department College of Physicians and Surgeons New York

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their religion with much success among the Soosoos

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the plexus the interference with the development of the

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oxide anesthesia but if the dyspnea of warmth. Motor inco ordination

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ago Prof. W S. Halsted of Johns Hopkins after a serious effort

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after food three times daily. Neither quinine nor strychnine is as a

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oughly conversant with these laws and adapt them to each indi

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should probably have lost him. Ten minutes after administer

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tative of the College in the General Medical Council so that they

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inserting a jjroctoscope and thus the pelvis and field of opera

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Acts Committee and its Scottish Subcommittee for the

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able blood pressure within the arteries and capillaries.

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pure iodine magnesium potassium with sarsaparilla stillingia prick

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a much respected President of the College of Physicians

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rise of pressure. He found this delayed rise also present in cases

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sexual history of the individual who is suffering from any

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armed. Individual members of the British Medical Asso

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exclusion of light. The results in a room less dark

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scopically from the spontaneous blennorrhagic keratosis.

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is frequently hereditary. It may be bequeathed from parent to

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Through a Graduated Cottage and Governmental Park System.

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request in a convalescent s room being peculiarly savory

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Colony System in the Ciare and Treatment of Epileptics. By

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some period of the disease motion and sensation gradually

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course of his treatment. I have to report two cases

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admitted into the Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastleon



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